Gameserver – Backup Slots


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Add a backup slot to your order.

Backups provide important safety, security and peace of mind when it comes to game servers.
By purchasing a backup slot you will be able to back up your server data, either manually or automatically.

Additionally back ups can be automated as often as liked ranging from once every 5 minutes to once a day, once a month etc…
As a back up requires as much space as your servers max disk space storage this can really eat into your home hard drive space.

So why not let us host a back up of your game server and store it as long as you continue to own a server with us.
If you decide to leave us you are always still welcome to download the back up or the server files directly from our game panel.

Important Notice:

Price of Disk Storage is subject to availability including at renewals. Price shown is an estimate and can be altered at any time as final price is dependant on market price at purchase. If this makes no sense to you please visit before purchasing.
Please note backup slots are NOT REQUIRED for a server order to complete but ARE recommended.