Gameserver – RAM Memory


120 in stock (can be backordered)


Raises the RAM Memory cap of your order by 1 GB.
This will improve things for your game server such as:

  • Allowing more terrain / objects to be loaded in simultaniously.
  • Allowing larger gameserver to exist.
  • Allowing more mods to be loaded simultaniously.

Important Notice:

Price of RAM Memory is subject to availability including at renewals. Price shown is an estimate and can be altered at any time as final price is dependant on market price at purchase. If this makes no sense to you please visit before purchasing.
Please note that at least one GB of memory is REQUIRED for your order to be accepted.

Additional information

Virtual Memory

Product is a virtualised Memory unit and not physical. This unit adds to maximum cap used by your server. Not physical reservation of one 1GB of memory.