Active: 20/10/2022

Naming conventions:

DeeTeeNework further refered to in this document as “Us,We,CoTerminous,CoTerminous Servers”
The Customer further refered to in this document as “You,They,Them,Customer,Consumer,The User/User”
The Product further refered to as “Video Game Server,Server,Virtual Server”
Timely manner refers to a time frame of maximum 2 weeks.

0. Juristictions

0.1.A You agree all contracts between CoTerminous and the customer are to be handled under UK Law in a UK court in case of a dispute and the results of any disputes are enforced wherever necessary to ensure enforcement is possible and appropriate.

0.2.B If for any reason any clause or subclause is deemed unenforcable / unsuitable it does not affect the rest of the clauses in this document and they will remain in effect.

0.3.A You agree that if you decide to sue us for any reason it will be thusly via the UK courts and under UK Laws and you will not raise a lawsuit against us anywhere else under any other laws or legal system.

1. Our Obligations to you.

1.1.A We are obligated for the duration of the contract to make available a virtualised server on our system for the Customer. As long as no contract breaches occur and the server is paid for completely.

1.1.B If the server for whatever reason on our side becomes unavailable, like a power cut or loss of internet, maintenance, becomes unavailable we shall be obligated to provide a reason for the disturbance if querried and
if the disturbance lasts longer than 1 full day and also provide a reasonable reduction in charge that month or an alternative resolution such as an extra days of hosting with same length as the disruption.
We shall not be obligated to issue a refund for failure to provide hosting when the issue outside of our control. Such as “act of god”.

-1.2.A We are obligated to ensure the server we provide is as stable and secure as possible but are not responsible for breaches/hacks that may occur due to the insecure programming of these servers
by the developers as we have no control over that and thusly those servers are provided as they were provided by the developers e.g. witout waranty/guarantee.
-1.2.B If for any reason our service no longer proves to be possible to provide we reserve the right to cancel the agreement.

2. Your Obligations to us.

2.1.A You will ensure that when charged the server fee you have plenty of monies available to pay for said charge and can pay it in a timely manner.
2.1.B Failure to pay in a timely manner(Max 2 weeks after invoiced.) will result in a contract termination fee to the Customer and termination of the server.
2.1.C You are obligated to pay us when charged a contract termination fee, a sum to the value of your unpaid usage with an additional sum of the full quoted value of the server or £20 GBP whichever is larger.

2.2.A You have an obligation to the safety of the server and it’s systems and as such will not upload or attempt to upload any files, softwares, viruses, worms for any reason.
If any such is detected on our system you will be prosecuted for a hacking offence.
2.2.B If such a thing occurs due to lack of security on the Users part by method of fishing or sharing account data you agree to still be liable as this is your responsibility to ensure your account can only be accessed by you.

2.3.A Additionally you will ensure and are obligated to not make your account available to any third parties for any reason. You are allowed to use the subaccount feature for a server but are still liable for all happenings on that server.

2.4.A You will agree the inital quote price given by the website by the “Average Server Cost” is merely a general quote and can not be taken as the agreement value.
2.4.B Upon placing an order you will be contacted and given a quote for the requested resources, you will ensure and are obligated to read the quote before agreeing to pay and make sure you understand it.
2.4.C You will ensure your purchase covers the full amount of the quote as provided on your invoices for initial order and renewal in Great British Pounds (GBP).
2.4.D You have an obligation to pay for any conversion fees that may arrise from paying with any currency that is not GBP.

2.5.A You are obligated to pay the price of the server hire at time and value of the renewal. If you are not happy with rental cost you can cancel your order within a timely manner.
2.5.B If you cancel your renewal you will only be charged for the amount of days it took to raise objection based on the new rate.
2.5.C If you do not raise objection within a timely manner we will assume you agree to the cost.
2.5.D It is your own obligation to review the invoice sent out to you immediately and cancel if the price has become unsuitable or make an immediate request to alter the amount of resources you are renting.

2.6.A You are obligated to ensure your contact details remain at all times correct and up to date.
2.6.B You are obligated to ensure your server is not used for any crime or to host content that is prosecutable in the country where the server is hosted or in the UK.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Offensive Materials.
  • Hate Crimes.
  • Illegal file sharing.
  • Hate speech.
  • Lotteries / Raffles / Gambling (These are allowed if permission asked to us and you can prove they are legitimate and you have a licence to run these. Except for gambling which is simply not allowed.)

-.6.C You agree you are responsible for ALL files uploaded to our service using your credentials or extra credentials generated for extra users you have permitted.
2.6.D You are obligated and agree to pay for any legal fees, punitive damages or possesions taken by law enforcement in relation to unlawfull files or activty from your user account / server hosting.

3. Renewals and pricing.

3.1.A All prices are subject to Supply and Demand and as such the price of any given order is dependent on the rental agreement and market price available at the given time of renewal.

3.1.B Renewal prices are fixed based on the market situation and are not negotiable.

3.1.C If the renewal cost is not paid for at the end of your rent term before the start of the new term your server will be stopped and the files locked until you do so.

3.1.D If your server is locked due to failure to renew or failure to pay we reserve the right to withold your data until the time you pay for the server and it is unlocked.

3.1.E In addition to clause D we also reserve the right to delete your data after a grace period of 2 weeks unless legally required to keep said data..

4. Reserved Rights

4.1.A We reserve the following rights:

  • The right to update this agreement at any time (The User will be given 2 weeks notice and if no objection or cancellation occurs within that time then you automatically agree.)
  • If you object but are unable to come to an amicable agreement with us we reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you without penalty.
  • We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you at any time at our sole discretion for any reason we seem fit.
  • If we terminate our agreement with you we may delete your data and withdraw our hosted server without refunding you.
  • We reserve the right to hold on to any of your data / details regardless of original GDPR intent if said data is required of us for legal reasons or criminal prosecution.

5. Ordering Games which are not yet hosted.

5.1.A You agree that if you order a game to be hosted which is not yet available, your order will remain active and chargable until you cancel it or the game is made available.
5.1.B You agree that when a game becomes available that your order is backordered for, you will pay a one-time fee covering the cost and manhours to add the game to our roster with the value split between all orders of such kind.
5.1.C You agree that when you cancel your pre-order you are subject to a cancellation fee of £2 GBP for the administrative costs incurred.
5.1.D You agree that you have 2 weeks from the moment of ordering a game which we do not yet provide to cancel the pre-order. After which you may be charged the cancellation fee defined in 5.1.C

6. Game servers, updating game servers and selling goods.

6.1.A You agree that we have the right to auto update your game server if required to do so for security reasons or if the game server is now unaccessable due to the game being updated.
6.1.B You agree that if we have to update your game server due to a developer update we are not responsible for any lost files or losses you incur during this downtime or as a result of the update.
6.1.C You agree that we are not required to update your game server for you and we will only do so if requested, required for the operation of the server, required due to security hazards in wich we are not liable for any damages that occur.
6.1.D You agree that we may stop or restart your game server at any time if it is deemed to be required for general stability of the physical machine it is run on.

6.2.A You agree not to resell your server to anyone without express permission to do so.
6.2.B You agree not to request donations for server upkeep, sell in-game items for real currency or server ranks to anyone without getting prior clearance from us.
6.2.C You agree that except for donations, if anything is sold be it in-game items or ranks for any period of time you must report these earnings to us, failure to do so will incur a fee of 20% of the sale value or £20 GBP whichever is more.
6.2.D You agree that you are solely responsible for any damages or lawsuits that arrise for selling in-game items, ranks or services and will pay for any costs incurred to us as a result of any legal dispute, lawsuit or criminal charges levied against us as a result of your actions.
6.2.E You agree that we may at any time revoke your clearance to “sell request donations, sell in-game items for real currence or sell server ranks to anyone” at our sole discression.

6.3.A You agree we can not be charged nor will we reimburse you for lost time in the event of an update that takes time to resolve such as a developer pushing a broken update preventing the gameserver from starting for hours or days.
6.3.B If we decided to reimburse you for any losses during a maintenance or update situation these are not to be considered an admision of guilt or fault but as a good will gesture towards you.

7. Connectivity

7.1.A You agree that occasionally you may not be able to reach your server for a limited period of time due to outatages and agree these are to be considered an act of god and no reimbursement can be sought for them.
7.1.B You agree that if for some reason you are unable to join your server related to it being inaccessible you will contact us as soon as possible so we may fix the issue immediately.
7.1.C In the event that the issue can not be resolved within a day we agree to extend your rental period by the amount of days inaccesible from the time we are made aware of the issue for free .

8. The resources rental

8.1.A Any resources rented out be it CPU, RAM or Disk Space are purely virtual and can not redeem any phsyical objects.
8.1.B Any virtual resources such as CPU Cores and RAM space are virtual and denote equivalent performance.
8.1.C Any virtual CPU cores, RAM space and Disk Space refers to Maximum Availablility for your virtual server and may not be fully available at all times due to overheads with the host machine or temporary clashes with other virtual servers.
8.1.D In the event that the full availability of the server resources are temporairily unavailable this shall not be counted as a breach of contract or failure of service as this is sometimes required for maintenance and other contractual clauses or responsibilities.