Calculate Price

Before I can explain how to calculate an estimated price to give you an idea of what you want for your Game Server order.
You have to understand how our pricing occurs as it is non-standard.

Supply and Demand Market Model

Our aim is not to make profit but to provide a sustainable crowdfunding type gameserver experience for all server owners to enjoy. Therefor all prices change depending on the market and are not locked to a steady price.
Instead they are dependant on our costs, coupled with outstanding depts, repaying investors.

Simply put if we have no costs, there is no charge to host a server with us. Since there is always some cost there will always be a fee but that can be massively minimised by working together in this supply/demand mini market.

How a supply and demand model works for all involved.

Our model begins with a supply of a set of limited resources. Namely; CPU cores, RAM memory space, SSD/HHD storage space, Bandwidth.

For each of these there is a know limit of availability for example the server network may only have 64 cpu cores available across it’s network.
When you purchase a server from us you are requesting to add to our DEMAND / renting equiptment from us.

If you rent a server with 1 CPU core and 2 GB of RAM, 2 GB of memory space then you are paying for those individual components.
Each having a separate supply and demand price attached. And the value of each unit is based on our costs like stated before.


Assuming there is 504 pounds of total company cost and current usage shows 8 CPU cores in use, 8 GB of RAM in use and 8 GB of storage space reserved.
And assuming you are ordering a minecraft server with 4 CPU cores, 4 GB of ram and 4 GB of Storage:

504/64 = 7.875 pounds / CPU Central Price
CPU usage would become 12 CPU cores instead of 8 CPU cores.
(64 (Max CPU) * 0.5 (Half) = 32
12 (CPU’s in use) / 32 = 0.375
7.875 (CPU Central Price) * 0.375 = 2.95 GBP per CPU core. (Our order has 4 so that is: 11.8 GBP Total)

This brief example covers only CPU calculation but the method is applicable to all other mentioned statistics. Total value of this example if done for all stats will come to about: 14.76 GBP for such a server. And yes in this example we are running a loss only covering 8.75% of our costs.

But how will I know for sure?

When you send your order request we will calculate these values based on your request and send you a “Quote”.
If you accept the Quote you will be paying the price on the Quote. As soon as possible.
A price can only be held at Quoted value for a period of a Day so it is best to make the payment immediately after accepting the quote.

Renewal prices are at market value of the renewal day. If you don’t agree with the new price you have a few days to seek alternative hosting or negotiate a change in your order (Like reducing CPU / RAM / Storage claims to reduce price.)

Additionally occasionally the below values will be updated to reflect a value you can calculate to.

Usage and Average Server Cost last updated 28/10/2022

CPU Usage (0 / 64)
0 0%
RAM Usage ( 0 / 128 GB )
0 0%
Storage (0 / 1000 GB)

Average Server Cost - £0

Average server cost is a great way to get an Idea of how much your server might be assuming you actualy request a server of average value.
It litterally takes the price paid of all customers and gets the average so it is a great baseline for a normal server. If you go conservative it will probably be less.