Who are you? And where is my coffee?

A small destinction has to be made to understand who we are and what we do.
DeeTeeNetwork is run and owned by DeathTech a youtube / streamer.

DeeTeeNetwork itself is his own brand and also the game server host / company that provides gaming, voice over ip, file hosting and many more things.

How does the server hosting work?

A brain built differently. A company built differently.

Capitalism never truely felt right to DT so he decided his company would work differently to most. Instead of selling servers at a locked price based on squeezing the money out of people. The servers are a means to an end. To provide low cost crowd sourced game servers to all.

In order to achieve this he runs the company and servers only to cost as much as the running costs in order to maintain the servers and infrastructure puting emphasis on a minimum profit approach.

Instead of selling a guaranteed price for a server, he rents out the various components needed to host said games. This means CPU’s, RAM memory, Hard Drive space,…

People share general costs among eachother (Such as staff wage, server maintenance…)

In order to achieve the lowest price possible for those clients he rents these parts out in a market style sollution based on supply and demand.

More parts supplied -> Lower cost per rented part.
Less parts supplied -> Lower cost per rented part.
More parts demand -> Higher part rent cost.
Less parts demand -> Lower part rent cost.

Less than 50% resources used -> More loss -> Higher costs for all.
More than 50% resources used -> More profit -> Lower costs for all.

This makes our server hosting so unique as theoretically if we had no costs, everyone’s server would be free.
If we have low costs, you pay a tiny price.


"Get a server host that does everything to keep your prices low and gameplay good.
Instead of a server host that keeps its profits high and service low."
Owner of DeeTeeNework

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